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List of Blogs 6/18/2009: Author Blogs

Because a major function of this blog is to share content, I’ve decided to make this list of blogs that I’ve found useful, entertaining, or otherwise interesting. If this takes off, I’ll make more in the future. Today, though, my theme is a list of blogs by authors. In addition to videos of their presentations at the TED conference, I’ve included links to their most recent posts. You can easily see the rest of their posts by clicking around once you’re there.

The Four-Hour Blog/The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss (author of The Four-Hour Workweek) fans will like this. This is his blog. Stuffed with how-to guides, “life hacks,” and more, I’ve never been disappointed in the year or so that I’ve been reading it.

Seth’s Blog
This is the blog of business author (All Marketers Are Liars, The Dip, and so on) and marketing guru Seth Godin. He’s a great writer and and he updates daily with fortune cookie-style Godin-isms. Cool fact: he checks almost all of his emails; I remember asking him a business question and getting an awesome four-paragraph response.

Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything
Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner are the two authors of the book Freakonomics, a title which (ironically enough) may have led me to pick this blog’s name (I have no clue, but it could have played a role). I’ve been reading for a few months, and the topics they pick tend to be fascinating. Posts are generally about psychology, economics, or a combination of the two.

BONUS: All of these authors (except Stephen Dubner) have spoken at TED (Techonology, Entertainment, and Design), a conference of some of the world’s most influential people. Past speakers include Bill Gates, J. J. Abrams, and Bill Clinton. Here are the links to their videos. Unfortunately, I can’t embed video, so this is all I can do without my own hosting. Sorry.

Tim Ferriss (Some language) on beating fear

Seth Godin on standing out

Steven Levitt (language) on crack’s economics