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I’ve Moved

It’s just a name change as of right now, but this blog has more or less been phased out. To read the new blog, just click around until you get there or ask via comment. I’ll still respond.


A Quick Update

As you may know if you look into this blog’s history, I’ve decided to keep this private. Nobody I have personal contact with knows of this blog. It’s not due to shyness or a dislike of people, but instead part of an experiment. I’ve been trying to find out how many views I could get without telling anybody. I think that on top of being a nice experiment into what interests people, this will help me establish a community of generally interested readers.

To start the experiment, I did a few posts that were designed to get traffic from other blogs. To isolate that, I turned off the search function–even if you were to look up “the economicist wordpress,” no search engines would find my blog. Though the experiment went well (the Wolfram|Alpha post alone got more than 20 hits in one day), I unfortunately forgot about that setting. For a week or so, I had no views, no comments, no incoming links, no nothing. It was definitely puzzling, but I scratched my head, kept posting, and hoped for the best. Nothing happened. The good news is that I just now remembered to change the setting, and views should again start coming in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Moral: Try to remember the settings you change.

Poll: What do you think of the layout?

I have reposted this to give it more visibility. Please look around the blog for a little bit of time before you make a final choice, as the information I get will go into making a decision that I will stick with for a while. If you’re coming from Yahoo! Answers or another site with a link to this, thanks again for your valuable input.

What do you think of the current visual layout?


On Purpose: What I plan on doing with The Economicist

As the title shows, this post will just be about my plans for The Economicist (I know it’s not a word). It may be bland, but I promise that’s not the intention. There’s just not much pizzazz that I can put into a piece that goes over the types of things I’ll post and where I see this blog being in the future.

As the writer of three (simultaneous) blogs before I shut them down for privacy’s sake, I will probably draw inspiration from the way they were all run when I am writing. One was a lot like most blogs out there. I would find interesting videos, music, articles, websites, and so on, then post it along with some of my commentary. The second was a blog of guides and articles I wrote on general tasks, sort of like Cliffsnotes or Quamut. The third had to do with business, but was later absorbed into the second. With this fourth blog, I want to combine the three into one experience that readers can access and enjoy. In short, I will post about things I find, guides to certain tasks, and a few miscellaneous articles on certain topics.  But you won’t find me venting. There’s no point in ensuring that the world knows that big bad Jimmy broke my sandcastle and now I wanna kick him. Besides, it wouldn’t mesh with the kind of content  I want to post here.

I don’t plan on telling my friends and family that I have anything to do with this blog until it becomes notable and gives me some relevant bragging rights or somebody asks me directly. Support from immediate contacts is how blogs tend to become popular, and as a result of not telling anybody, I expect only a slow growth in readers and subscribers instead of a quick surge all at once, followed by the drop after a few weeks. While I aim for decent (or better) content, I know that it usually takes time. Therefore, there probably won’t be a community of readers commenting on a post for a while. However, if the content is compelling enough, I wouldn’t have any problem with that happening.

Finally, you might wonder why I’m doing this. After all, many bloggers want to change the way the world thinks. Some bloggers will use their blogs as a way to vent about their feelings or let their friends know what they’re doing. Or maybe they want to make money off of the venture. I don’t want to do any of that. While I think I’d love for the first and last of those to happen, they’re not priority 1. To answer the question, I’m honestly just blogging to have fun and help readers do the same in the process. I want to enrich you, inform you, and hopefully make your life easier in the process. If I can do that, I’ll be proud.

Thanks for reading.