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Microsoft Makes a Movie

If you’re into techy stuff, you’ve probably heard about the new Microsoft Office 2010. In that case, I’m not talking to you as much as I am to the layman who clicked here searching for how to use microsoft word (sorry, SEO humor). Microsoft Office 2010 will be coming out in Q1 of 2010 and will feature some things that, sadly enough, actually have me interested. One of the coolest ones is the free online versions of Office 2010. The set of programs (Word, Powerpoint, and others) makes it pretty competitive with other free web-based applications like 280 Slides.

But that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I’m focusing on the marketing campaign for the software. The team at Traffik (the ad agency for this campaign, according to Coloribus) chose to treat the product not as a product, but as a movie. The commercial is instead a trailer, and familiar items like Clippy (IMAGE) become characters. Without including any spoilers (see what I did there?), the video and other links are below. Of course, this is a fake trailer. There are no plans to release a Microsoft Office 2010 movie. However, real or not, the concept is still pretty interesting to see, especially when they get to the font jokes and puns.

Microsoft Office 2010: The Movie ad on YouTube

Official Site, including the video and “behind-the-scenes” footage (Requires Microsoft Silverlight. Otherwise, view the mobile version)

Coloribus Info


The Effing Card Company

First, here’s a bit of background on TECC (The Effing Card Company). Presumably based in the UK, this website is run by a section of Regal Clothing Company, who are sort of like Snorg Tees or Busted Tees, except with some fouler language.  Regal is run through, which lets you set up your own store online. The store itself has a few interesting shirts, but in my opinion, the really cool thing is this card section.

Introduction aside, TECC is a sort of online Hallmark, with the word “effing” used about as often as the Hallmark logo is. Every greeting, graduation, congratulations, and other card contains the word in some form, in a huge, marker-like font. While probably not appropriate for all types of recipients, I’d say that this is an interesting new way to send a message to a good friend. The sheer novelty itself calls for a good laugh in most cases, so give it a try. The seller even offers free shipping (UK only) and will handwrite the card if you’re a bit sloppy.

The cards are available for £2.20 each, with 50p international shipping.  TECC also sells mugs and business cards.

Currently sold out, this is just one of the 50+ items available at the store.

Currently sold out, this is just one of the 50+ items available at the store.