The Hoekstra Meme

A Quick Note: I’m experimenting with switching to for URL shortening and tracking. I’ve been a fan of Stumbleupon for a while, and using this seems like an interesting option. Just as before with, don’t worry. I take this seriously, and I will not knowingly link to a site that may harm your computer or is not what I have stated it to be.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was away from my computer for the first few days of the “hiatus,” but I ended up getting lazy for a few weeks. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it doesn’t look like too many people noticed the break, as my view count is still relatively healthy. Either way, I hope there haven’t been any problems because of this, and I apologize if there have been.

Anyway, this is an interesting idea that I’m sharing today. Some of you may know of Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra. He’s a Republican member of the US House of Representative. Politics aside, here’s the funny bit. Hoekstra decided to make a Twitter account so he could “stay connected with his constituents” or something like that. Basically, he shares the same stuff everybody else shares, but he keeps it politically correct. Except for this. In the middle of last month (June), Hoekstra posted the following to his account:

Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.
8:56 AM Jun 17th from TwitterBerry

The exaggerated comparison was hilarious if you think about it. Plenty of people apparently thought it was, and at least one of them made It’s a bit similar to or FML in that there is a relatively concrete definition of the meme–taking an everyday occurrence and complain, inflating it by comparing it to something ridiculously different, but with one thing in common. In case that didn’t make sense, here’s an example. I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Now I know how Kuhlmeier must have felt. (It’s a freedom of the press reference. Of course, the ones on the official site are generally much more entertaining than this one.) That being said, traffic on the site seems to be a bit slow. Hopefully it will pick up, as this is a great concept. Again, to help the makers out, check it out at

BONUS: As Hoekstra’s whole fiasco started with twitter, I thought I’d share this video. Whether you use Twitter or not, I’m guessing you know enough about it to laugh at this video. Dan Gurewitch from College Humor made a video called “Real Life Twitter.” The concept is simple enough that most people have wondered about it, but the execution is great in this video. He takes to the streets of New York, yelling things that you would normally just tweet. The majority of his “tweets” are pretty good, but a few stand out. Watch it here, and follow him for real at


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