Are You a Racist?

To find out, check out the Implicit Association Test (IAT), made by Harvard. While you obviously shouldn’t let the results guide how you behave, they are found in a very interesting way. The objective is to discover how easy it is for you to subconsciously associate different people, races, and other categorizations with certain positive and negative qualities. Instead of asking you questions that could lead to a sort of Bradley effect, it shows you two pictures, one of one a face belonging to a person of race and one belonging to another. In other versions, it will test your preference of one famous person over another, one time period over another, etc. For example, I guess I view Bill Clinton as moderately more honest than George Bush and have no automatic preference for 1950 over 2050 or vice-versa. There is also a test for Obama vs. McCain preference.

To try the test out for yourself, go to To take another test of your choice, either click “Demonstration,” then “Go to the Demonstration Tasks,” or click the link I’ve made above.

BONUS: If answer-the-questions-in-plain-English questionnaires are more your thing, check out They have a plethora of quizzes, all of which can be shared with friends via Facebook or copy-pasting of HTML.


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