A Quick Update

As you may know if you look into this blog’s history, I’ve decided to keep this private. Nobody I have personal contact with knows of this blog. It’s not due to shyness or a dislike of people, but instead part of an experiment. I’ve been trying to find out how many views I could get without telling anybody. I think that on top of being a nice experiment into what interests people, this will help me establish a community of generally interested readers.

To start the experiment, I did a few posts that were designed to get traffic from other blogs. To isolate that, I turned off the search function–even if you were to look up “the economicist wordpress,” no search engines would find my blog. Though the experiment went well (the Wolfram|Alpha post alone got more than 20 hits in one day), I unfortunately forgot about that setting. For a week or so, I had no views, no comments, no incoming links, no nothing. It was definitely puzzling, but I scratched my head, kept posting, and hoped for the best. Nothing happened. The good news is that I just now remembered to change the setting, and views should again start coming in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Moral: Try to remember the settings you change.


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