Video: Christian Bale’s Tirade Remixed

With the new Terminator movie (Terminator: Salvation, or some whatnot like that, eh?) coming out this month, I thought I’d bring back an old topic of embarrassment to Christian Bale, the star of this movie, the Batman series, and other films. You may remember that in early February, an audio clip of him getting mad at the Director of Photography was leaked, causing him to receive bad publicity for a while. This video is a remix of that audio clip. The song is pretty well-done, with an interesting combination of a danceable beat with Mr. Bale’s tantrum. But the amazing part is that this looks like it was done and uploaded the same day as the tape was released to the press. Hats off to RevoLucian, who made this great piece as well as one of Bill O’Reilly’s similar tantrum.

The video and links to download can be found here or below. Be warned, though. You wouldn’t want your mother hearing most of the language in the song.

By the way, I don’t dislike Christian Bale. He’s since apologized for the incident, and while I don’t believe that he was entirely innocent, everybody gets angry. He just happened to have his outburst caught on tape.


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